“Until now, there has not been a great-tasting and effective solution to dehydration on pharmacy shelves. We created NormaLyte for our patients, and now we’re sharing its science with the world.”
– Sam Lee, Founder and Creator of NormaLyte

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When you’re a pharmacist, people come to you every day for answers to common health problems.

Such was the inspiration for NormaLyte. NormaLyte’s creators saw a wide disparity between what was available for both young and old when it came to oral rehydration options. Where was the one option that could do a better job rehydrating…for everyone?

But as the creators of NormaLyte continued with its development, they discovered that by creating a powder that you simply add to 500 mL (16.9 oz) of water, their product actually had the ability to do good worldwide. What provides a convenience for you provides a small miracle for parts of the world where dehydration, due to disease, kills countless individuals who have no access to an IV. NormaLyte’s ease of portability and use provides some of the same benefits of an IV and reduces the need for hospitalization by up to 40%.

NormaLyte has already partnered with international healthcare organization Project Hope to distribute free ORS to parts of Africa battling the devastating Ebola epidemic.


The power of
water – made even
more powerful.

Where there is water, there is life. It is the building block for all life as we know it. But for humans suffering from dehydration, water alone can’t help. That’s where NormaLyte, when added to water, can boost those life-giving properties and help those suffering from dehydration.

1.5 million individuals annually lose their lives because of dehydration.

It’s part of our mission.
It’s what drives us.


Water alone can’t sustain life when disease strikes. With NormaLyte, we reduce those numbers by making rehydration possible in many environments where the location, or the poverty of its people, previously made it impossible. Our product does not have to be delivered medically via an IV; instead it can be taken orally.Because NormaLyte is in a powdered form, and not pre-mixed, it has a longer shelf life and is far less expensive to ship than the alternative. As a company we have already partnered with Project Hope to provide free product to parts of the globe that so desperately need it.

Sam Lee, PharmD, MBA

Founder / CEO

Water is only part of the solution.

At NormaLyte, we are committed to improving ways for your body to absorb water when it needs it most. But we go further, providing life-saving tools as well as education to families and physicians all over the globe. We see it as not only a part of our company’s mission, but a responsibility to share what we’ve developed with whomever it can help the most.

“The discovery of oral rehydration therapy is as important as the discovery of penicillin.”


Professor Mamdouh Gabr – Cairo University, Faculty of Medicine.

NormaLyte is now available nationwide at CVS and The Kroger Family of Pharmacies. Ask your pharmacist to order it today.