The science of saving.

The magic of healing.

NormaLyte is chemically formulated as the most effective way to rehydrate the body and provide it the electrolytes it needs to fight dehydration. Our formula is based on the very formula that the World Health Organization recommends.

Since the introduction and development for widespread use of ORS in the latter part of the 20th century, oral rehydration therapy has decreased human deaths from dehydration worldwide. This critical scientific advance has had a major impact on global public health. Regardless of the cause, the use of ORS is encouraged in every level of dehydration.

To further fight dehydration and lessen the longevity of the episodes, our new formula reduces stool output by about 25%. It reduces vomiting by almost 30%, and it reduces the need for unscheduled IV therapy by more than 30%.

How it works

The glucose facilitates the absorption of sodium (and hence water) on a 1:1 molar basis in the small intestine. The sodium and potassium are needed to replace the body losses of these essential ions during dehydration. Citrate reduces the acidosis that occurs alongside diarrhea and dehydration. And finally the fresh citrus flavoring helps improve the taste to ease ingestion.

A spoonful of sugar

While the song may say that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, when it comes to dehydration a spoonful of sugar is a bad idea. Adding an extra sweetener (fructose or sucrose) can render the solution hypertonic and actually worsen the dehydration. This is another reason why sports drinks are not recommended for treating dehydration once it has set in.

From low-osmolarity
come high returns.

WHO (World Health Organization) and UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) have advocated the use of Oral Rehydration Salts since the 1980s to combat dehydration. Then, after years of research and improvement to the conventional ORS formula, they concluded that the most effective ORS should have a low osmolarity (~ 245) formulation. NormaLyte is based on the new formula developed by WHO which has undergone extensive evaluations and testing by the scientific community. The low-osmolarity and preservative-free composition of NormaLyte provides the right combination of salts and glucose essential to restore normal hydration levels. Products that are currently available are inadequate in meeting the standards set forth by the scientific community.

Real Fruit Flavor


NormaLyte does not contain any preservatives or dyes (coloring agents). It contains real fruit flavors to enhance the taste, because taste is so important in making sure an adequate amount of the solution is consumed. It contains only the required amount of glucose, a monosaccharide, to facilitate the absorption of sodium. The improved flavor makes it easier to ingest without compromising the formula’s near-neutral pH or low osmolarity.

NormaLyte is now available nationwide at CVS and The Kroger Family of Pharmacies. Ask your pharmacist to order it today.