NormaLyte on Amazon in Canada

Can NormaLyte be shipped to Canada?

Yes, NormaLyte can be purchased on our website and shipped to Canada.  However, if you are a Canadian resident please be aware of the following:

  • We do not set the shipping rate.  As such, shipping can be costly.
  • Canada requires Canadian residents to pay duties and taxes for purchases made in the U.S.  You can check those rates by using this calculator.

Purchase NormaLyte through Amazon

If you are a Canadian resident, we recommend you purchase NormaLyte through Amazon in Canada.  That will allow you to avoid some of the international pitfalls of ordering.

Click here to navigate to NormaLyte's Orange on Amazon.

Click here to navigate to NormaLyte's Apple on Amazon.

Click here to navigate to NormaLyte's Grape on Amazon.

While it is available (and greatly marked up) from other resellers, please also be aware that we are currently unable to sell "Pure" flavorless NormaLyte on the Canadian Amazon website.  We are working to resolve this so that we can make it available in the future.