Free NormaLyte Sampler Pack (Multi-Flavors)

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*You will receive eight (8) stick packs of NormaLyte (2 of each flavor) with your free sample pack.  

*There will be a charge of $4.00 for shipping and handling added at checkout.

*Only one (1) sample request per household.


  • SAFETY: NO Preservatives, NO Colors/Dyes, Better pH profile.
  • EFFICACY: Optimal concentration of Sodium and Glucose to facilitate rapid absorption of electrolytes.  Reduces the need for supplemental IV Therapy by 33%.
  • SUPERIORITY: Low Osmolarity of the NormaLyte solution helps prevent fluid loss.
  • ECONOMICAL: Only $2.99 per liter of prepared solution while packing the most electrolytes (4.4 grams of Sodium Chloride equivalent + 1.5 grams of Potassium Chloride per liter).
  • CONVENIENCE: Easy to carry and easy to mix.  Just add one (1) packet of NormaLyte to 500mL (16.9 ounces) of water.

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