Can NormaLyte Be Shipped Internationally?

Yes, NormaLyte can be purchased internationally on our website!  In fact, we have had recent purchases from: Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Austria, and other places outside of the U.S. 

However, please be aware of the following:

  • We do not set the shipping rate.  As such, shipping can be costly. 
  • We recommend using USPS shipping at checkout as this tends to be the cheapest mailing method.
  • Residents outside the U.S. may have duties and taxes from purchases made in the U.S.
  • Free samples are excluded from being shipped internationally because of the cost of shipping incurred by the customer.  If you are an international purchaser and want a sample of something included in your order please reach out as soon as (or before) your order is placed and we can try to add it.

If you live in the following places, here's some additional buying tips:

  • Australia.   For shipments with a value equal to or less than $1,000 AUD there are generally no duties, taxes or charges to pay.
  • Canada:  We now have NormaLyte available on!  We strongly urge you to buy directly from us there.  This will give you two day shipping and will allow you to avoid the extra shipping and/or duties/taxes that arise.  Shop on Canada's Amazon here
  • New Zealand.    For shipments with a value equal to or less than $1,000 NZ there are generally no duties, taxes or charges to pay.
  • United Kingdom/UK.  Purchasing over £135+ will guarantee that you'll get duties/taxes pinned on by customs once it reaches your door.  To avoid that extra tax, please order under  £135 before discounts.  Duties and taxes are taken on the MSRP price, so be sure you take that into consideration.

If you're someone who has a chronic illness or a form of dysautonomia like POTS, this would be a great option for you.  We always recommend purchasing in bulk to not only save on shipping, but to even out your shipping cost overall.

Not sure if you're able to purchase NormaLyte where you live?  Feel free to reach out.