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Ebola Crisis

Ebola has been named one of the most deadly diseases by the World Health Organization (WHO). It has dominated the headlines worldwide as it continues Read More…

The science of making water (and you) better.

NormaLyte works in two different ways to help your body recover from dehydration quickly and easily. First, it replenishes the electrolytes you lose when you sweat or have excessive diarrhea or vomiting. Second, its low osmolarity pushes water into your muscle tissues and other cells for fast recovery. Water can only do so much to help your body recover. NormaLyte makes water better and brings you back to the strong and healthy you.


When you’re thirsty, there’s no better source of hydration than water. But not when you’re dehydrated.

Gives life to life-giving water

That’s when NormaLyte takes nature’s wonder drink and makes it even more wonderful, improving Nature’s Best Resource.

Refreshing Taste

‘NormaLyte’s refreshing taste gives water the extra kick it needs. And unlike other oral rehydration methods, its great taste doesn’t get in the way of its benefits, or compromise its chemistry.’

World Health Focus for a Global Need

NormaLyte’s portable design makes it more accessible to areas of the globe suffering from dehydration, and its low osmolarity formula is more effective.

Developed By Pharmacists

NormaLyte is not a “brand extension” of a sports drink company. Instead the formula was created by doctors and developed by pharmacists who saw a worldwide need for a more effective oral rehydration alternative.


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NormaLyte is now available nationwide at CVS and The Kroger Family of Pharmacies. Ask your pharmacist to order it today.