Sodium/Glucose Co-Transport System

The Key to Efficient and Maximum Electrolyte Absorption

The glucose facilitates the absorption of sodium (and hence water) on a 1:1 molar basis in the small intestine. The sodium and potassium are needed to replace the body losses of these essential ions during dehydration. 

From Low-Osmolarity Come High Returns.

NormaLyte is formulated exactly to the WHO recommendations to provide maximum electrolyte absorption and fluid retention at a reasonable cost.

Safety and Efficacy

-NO Artificial Colors

-NO Artificial Dyes

-NO Artificial Preservatives

-NO Artificial Sweeteners

(NormaLyte PURE)

Easy to Carry and Use

Just mix one (1) stick-pack of NormaLyte in 16.9 fl oz (500mL) of water and shake.  (Best served cold)


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