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supporting our community

Supporting the Community

NormaLyte is passionate about our community. Each year we support these great nonprofits (and more!) so that they can continue to support you!

Dysautonomia International

Since 2014, NormaLyte has been supporting Dysautonomia International through a large yearly donation in their mission to "identify the causes and cures for all forms of dysautonomia and to enhance the quality-of-life of people currently living with these illnesses."


Standing Up to POTS

The mission of Standing Up to POTS is to improve the quality of life for people living with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) through research, advocacy, and support.


Awareness for POTsies

The mission of Awareness for POTSies is to increase awareness, empowerment, support, and education for individuals who are diagnosed, in addition to increasing awareness and education within the medical community.


American Autonomic Society

The American Autonomic Society has been established to bring together individuals from diverse disciplines who share an interest in the structure and function of the autonomic nervous system and in the pathology, treatment, and prevention of its disorders.


Tri Loco Louisville

Tri-Loco is Indiana, Kentucky and the mid-west's premier triathlon club. Best described as a social club with a habit of winning, Tri-Loco consistently dominates podiums nationwide while having a great time.


Los Angeles Dysautonomia Network

LADN is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with dysautonomia in the Los Angeles and greater California area through community, education, and financial support.


The Dysautonomia Project

The Dysautonomia Project is a non-profit collaborative effort of volunteer physicians, patients, and community leaders working together to bridge the gap between what autonomic specialists know and what community-based providers and patients need to know.

Visit The Dysautonomia Project

Supporting Research, Too!

NormaLyte knows how important research studies are for patients and physician's alike. When we are able, we partner with universities and hospitals.

Normalyte is Sponsoring...
Shortness of Breath in Dysautonomia: A Patient Reported Outcome Study

Shortness of Breath

Reported in 50% of people with dysautonomia

NormaLyte is partnering with UNCP to sponsor the study.

Find Study Information Here

UNCP Study Aims to Characterize Shortness of Breath and Its Impact on Quality of Life in Dysautonomia

Shortness of breath, or dyspnea, is a commonly reported symptom in dysautonomia patients, albeit its prevalence was not well defined. The UNCP research team is conducting a three-year patient reported outcome study to characterize the prevalence of shortness of breath and its impact on quality of life in dysautonomia. During the first year of the study, they surveyed 750 individuals affected by dysautonomia and discovered that over 50% experience shortness of breath. In this patient population, shortness of breath can result from many underlying mechanisms related to orthostatic intolerance, including low blood return to the heart from the systemic circulation and persistent low blood volume.

NormaLyte is sponsoring this study.

The aims of this study are to:

  1. Determine what percentage of people affected by dysautonomia experience shortness of breath.
  2. Establish if shortness of breath significantly impacts quality of life of dysautonomia patients.
  3. Identify which interventions dysautonomia patients find helpful for shortness of breath.

The Study Team

Principal Investigators:
Research Assistants:
  • Ava A. Cox, Medical Biology Student
  • Olivia Peal, Medical Biology Student
  • Gracie Montanez, Medical Biology Student



Not only do we support the nonprofits, we support the potsies, too! Our models are all people with POTS and dysautonomia!