What is NormaLyte?

NormaLyte is an oral rehydration salt (ORS) that is based on the new recommendations by the World Health Organization (WHO).

How does NormaLyte work?

NormaLyte quickly and effectively replenishes lost electrolytes and diminishes fluid loss caused by acute illnesses (diarrhea and vomiting) , heavy sweating due to heat and strenuous exercise, and chronic illnesses (POTS, Crohn's Disease, IBS, and others). 

How do I use NormaLyte?

Each stick-pack of NormaLyte should be mixed with 16.9 fl oz (500mL) of water. We suggest using cold water to optimize the flavor.

Can NormaLyte be used by children?

NormaLyte is safe for all ages

Ask your doctor if you want to use NormaLyte in children under 1 year of age. It can be safely used in young children and seniors.

Is NormaLyte safe?

All ingredients in NormaLyte are generally recognized as safe by the US FDA. NormaLyte is based on a formula developed by the WHO (World Health Organization) which has stood extensive evaluations and testing by the scientific community. 

Is NormaLyte safe for pregnant or breast-feeding mothers?

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should always consult their physician before use.

Are there any warnings or contra-Indications to be aware of?

For people with heart disease, kidney disease and fluid/electrolyte restrictions, always consult a physician before use.

What makes NormaLyte different from the other rehydration products?

NormaLyte contains:

• NO artificial colors

• NO artificial dyes

• NO artificial preservatives

• NO artificial sweeteners (NormaLyte PURE)

• A perfect amount of glucose to maximize the absorption of key electrolytes

• Only 27 calories per stick-pack (16.9 fl oz)

Does NormaLyte contain any added sweeteners, artifical colors/dyes or artificial preservatives?

NormaLyte PURE does NOT contain any artificial sweeteners. The flavored varieties of NormaLyte contain a minimal amount of sucralose (< 1%), citric acid and flavors to enhance taste. It does NOT contain any artificial preservatives. Sucralose has demonstrated excellent safety profile and is widely used in the Food and Beverage industry.

How many calories does NormaLyte contain?

One (1) stick pack (16.9 fl oz or 500mL) of NormaLyte contains only 27 calories compared to Pediatric Electrolyte Drinks = > 100 calories and Sports Drinks = > 200 calories

Does NormaLyte contain any added sugar?

NormaLyte contains only 75 mMol/Liter of Glucose which is the exact amount required to facilitate the absorption of 75 mMol/Liter of Sodium contained in the solution. NormaLyte does not contain high calorie Sucrose or Fructose which is nonessential for absorption of Sodium. 

Is NormaLyte gluten-free? 

YES. NormaLyte is gluten-free.

Can NormaLyte reduce hospitalizations?

NormaLyte reduces hospitalizations

NormaLyte can reduce the occurrence of hospitalizations!  In fact, it reduces the need of IV therapy by 33% by using optimal concentrations of sodium and glucose.  Oral rehydration therapies are more efficient than IV at hydrating.