NormaLyte PURE Electrolyte Capsules

Designed to support hydration for chronic or daily use.

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Made Safe for You

NormaLyte PURE Electrolyte Capsules are made safe for you.  Developed by practicing pharmacists, these convenient, buffered, and tasteless capsules provide a scientifically balanced dose of 500mg of sodium and 100mg of potassium, essential electrolytes that play a crucial role in regulating blood pressure, heart function, and fluid balance. 

For swift and rapid replenishment of electrolytes that helps maintain electrolyte balance in certain chronic conditions.* You now have an effortless way to reach daily salt goals with the confidence of easily absorbed and clean ingredients that are gentle on the stomach.

simple and clean
Salt Capsules Leveled Up

These aren't your friends salt pills. Clean ingredients mean you can safely take NormaLyte's PURE Electrolyte Capsules. No stearic acid, buffered to reduce stomach upset, and additive free.

Designed for Chronic or Daily Use

Perfect for those who need to keep electrolyte levels up, take in more sodium, have less fatigue and dizziness, and improve their cognitive function.

Buffered Capsules

Buffered capsules are more gentle on your stomach, lessening stomach upset for people with sensitivities.

Well balanced

NormaLyte's PURE Electrolyte Capsules are a perfect combination of potassium and sodium, two elemental items that are needed every day to maintain hydration, battle fatigue, and improve cognitive function!

Convenient Capsules

Gentle absorption, easy-to-swallow, and tasteless size 0 vegetarian capsules for effortless daily supplementation.

NormaLyte PURE Electrolyte Salt Capsules - 100 Count Bottles
NormaLyte PURE Electrolyte Salt Capsules - 100 Count Bottles
NormaLyte PURE Electrolyte Salt Capsules - 100 Count Bottles

NormaLyte PURE Electrolyte Salt Capsules - 100 Count Bottles

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Genevieve Hackman (Asheville, North Carolina)
Capsules super helpful for POTS!

I’m not huge on electrolyte drinks because at the beginning of my POTS journey I was drinking so many prior to getting on medication that I’m kind of burnt out. But these capsules have been amazing! Super helpful for increasing my electrolyte intake without the dread of having to drink another electrolyte mix.

Thank you for sharing, G.H! So glad they're helping you!

Sonny McGraw (Plano, Texas)

The drink was the powder mixed w water that I purchased Not the capsule. of course I know the capsule is not opened up and mixed.

Sonny McGraw
Awful powder

Free sample pack but pd $5 shipping. No refund This is the MOST DISGUSTING drink you’ll ever have. AVOID

The capsules are intended to be swallowed whole, not drank.

When you asked for a refund for the powdered drinks, we explained that because the product was free we are not able to refund you. Free samples are available so that people can try them before they make purchases; as it is free we do require you to cover shipping. Keep in mind that NormaLyte is a medical grade electrolyte using the World Health Organizations perfect formula for oral rehydration. As such, it is clinically proven to work. It's okay if you're not a fan, and we hope you find another oral rehydration salt that will better suit your needs.

M Peterson (Carlsbad, California)
Hope in a Capsule

Incorporating this option in my care for POTS has allowed a positive shift in mindset. It works! Thank you !

Love this! Thank you for sharing.

On the go
Easy Sodium Intake

Individual packets make it easier way to meet high sodium intake needs when you're on the go. School, work, travel, or home we've got you covered for extra added convenience. Just add water!

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