NormaLyte Supports Dysautonomia International

NormaLyte's Partnership with Dysautonomia International

When we created our product we knew that we wanted to not only hydrate people, but specifically we wanted to hydrate people with dysautonomia.  As practicing pharmacists we saw people with POTS come asking about the best electrolyte rehydration products, and often we found that so many product fell short.  Too much sugar.  Not enough electrolytes.  Too costly.  It's a tough market for people suffering from any form of dysautonomia.  Our passion grew.

A partnership with Dysautonomia International just made sense.  Their goal is to raise funds for research, raise awareness within the medical field and public, and most importantly empower patients and caregivers.  All are values that NormaLyte wants to foster.

Since 2014 we have been financial contributors of Dysautonomia International. A portion of every purchase you make of NormaLyte goes right back to funding research. 


NormaLyte PURE Was Made for POTS Patients

NormaLyte Pure was created in partnership with one of the biggest voices for dysautonomia awareness.  We partnered with Dysautonomia International and made a product that YOU were asking for.  You wanted something that was more gentle on your stomach and wouldn't case other flares from food sensitivities that you get from our competitors.  We listened, and NormaLyte Pure was born.

It's great for people with sensitivities or those who are simply watching their sugar intake.

  • No preservatives
  • No dyes
  • No added colors
  • No added flavors
  • No artificial or added sweeteners

NormaLyte is Gentle on the Stomach

NormaLyte is gentle on the stomach for people with POTS

Increased salt intake is a recommended management plans for people with different forms of dysautonomia and POTS.  Taking salt tablets or simply ingesting extra table salt can be really hard on your stomach.  Especially if you already suffer from GI problems.  May people complain of diarrhea, gas, bloating, and sometimes IBS like symptoms.

NormaLyte is perfectly balanced and made to be gentle on the stomach.  NormaLyte's PURE "flavor" (it's actually flavorless) was crafted to be palatable while also easy on your stomach so that you are not compromising on your health when it comes to the hydration you need.


NormaLyte is a Proud Supporter of Dysautonomia International