Free Sample Requests

You've searched for an electrolyte and salt supplements that work best for you.  At NormaLyte, we understand that not all solutions work for each individual.  That is why we have our NormaLyte Free Sample Program.   We are sure that NormaLyte will help you achieve your salt intake goals!

You are able to get one free sample of each of the following:

🧂 NormaLyte Oral Rehydration Salts.  This is your choice of either a 6 count box of PURE (free of artificial sweeteners) or 8 sticks of NormaLyte (2 sticks of each flavor: grape, green apple, orange, and PURE).  These samples are valued at $9.49 and above!
🧂 NormaLyte PURE Electrolyte Salt Capsules.  Each packet contains 10 capsules.  
    Samples are free, but be aware that there will be a charge for shipping & handling added at checkout to cover our cost to ship to you. 

    Buy one of the two available samples, shipping will be $5.00.  Buy sticks and capsules together, shipping will be $7.50.

    *We reserve the right to cancel your order and refund the shipping and handling charge.  One household/account per free sample will be accepted.