How Does NormaLyte Compare

How Does NormaLyte Compare

How Does NormaLyte Compare

How Does NormaLyte Compare to other electrolyte drinks? NormaLyte ORS Oral Rehydration Salt medical grade electrolyte

NormaLyte is a go to electrolyte replacement drink for many people, but we know there's competition out there for what works best to effectively replace lost electrolytes.

How Does NormaLyte Compare to Other Electrolyte Drinks?

With the market flooded with different options, it's no wonder you're asking this question.  Especially if you're someone who suffers from a chronic illness such as dysautonomia and POTS.  You need to know that you're consuming what is best for you.

Let's take a look

Comparrison of electrolyte drinks and NormaLyte


Yes!  Let's talk about the cost of many of these electrolyte drinks!  Just look at the graph above and you can see that the pediatric electrolyte drinks are almost DOUBLE the cost of NormaLyte.  Other popular electrolyte powder drinks come in as a close second in high costs.  Sports drinks, while cheap, are not that effective as we will cover below.  NormaLyte is by far the most cost effective way to hydrate.


The problem with many popular electrolyte drinks is the amount of sugar in them.  Often companies use added sugar to hide the salty taste.  Sports drinks are the biggest culprit to this.  


To the average person, sodium doesn't taste the best in a drink.  It just makes it less palatable.  To combat this, often electrolyte drink companies will skimp on the sodium in favor of more sales.  Which can be dangerous when you are expecting to be hydrated quickly and efficiently. 


Another area where electrolyte drinks are hit or miss is the amount of potassium they offer.  Sports drinks again fail miserably by not offering enough to really work effectively.


So glad you asked.  A few years ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) came out with a study that was hailed as the most important medical discovery of our time.  What was the study, you may be asking?  It was about hydration and how to hydrate effectively and quickly.  

In places where something as simple as a bout of diarrhea can be life threatening, fast hydration is key.  The WHO found that a specific recipe for hydration allowed the deaths due to dehydration caused by illness to plummet. 

NormaLyte has been using this recipe.  We haven't given it a fancy name like others have (you know who you are), but we are using the same "technology".  The World Health Organization's recipe hydrates you quickly and better than many of the other competitors.


Give NormaLyte a try and see the difference for yourself.

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