Medical Grade Electrolytes vs I.V.

IV vs medical grade electrolytes for POTS | NormaLyte ORS Electrolyte for POTS
This is the question that many potsies eventually find themselves asking.  You’ve been increasing sodium but that doesn’t seem to be helping, and now you’re looking at I.V. therapy on how to manage your symptoms of POTS.

Manoj and Sam, pharmacists and owners of NormaLyte, discuss this exact thing in the video below.  


IV vs medical grade electrolytes for POTS | NormaLyte ORS Electrolyte for POTS

“When we started catering to this community we were actually surprised at how ignorant, even as pharmacists, we were about this condition.  POTS is one of the components of dysautonomia.

What happens with dysautonomia is your autonomic function in your body is not, you know, functioning properly.  For instance, when a person rises and stands up, it is a natural tendency that all your body fluids will gravitate towards, you know, by gravity, will fall down, and go toward your feet or extremities.

In a normal person with a perfect autonomic nervous system, your body recognizes that your fluids are moving below your brain/heart level.  It starts constricting these vessels, regulating the blood pressure and pushing the fluids up so your brain gets the electrolytes and supplements.  Whatever it needs; blood flow, the oxygen, everything!  

When your autonomic system fails, your body doesn’t recognize that the fluid is moving down because you rose up.  Due to gravity you’re depriving your brain of the necessary oxygen and nutrients.  You have to do something to increase the fluid or raise the volume so your blood doesn’t fall.  That’s one of the reasons why there is brain fog in people who have this condition.

Not too long ago, NYU did a study comparing ORS up against I.V. use like normal saline with a pediatric patient group.  To sum it all up, the results they had over there with their team was that oral rehydation salts, the ORSs, actually fared better than I.V.  As pharmacists we know it’s better to take your medications orally, if possible, and let your body use them.  If it’s feasible and in a form that your body can break down.  That’s where we are very happy with just  seeing some of the results and some of how the patients reacted when you compared that to each other.

As far as we know, NYU actually used NormaLyte in their clinical studies.”

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