How POTS affects your GI Tract

Woman with cramps holding her abdomen with a caption that reads How POTS affects your GI Tract and with the NormaLyte logo at the bottom of the image.  | NormaLyte ORS electrolyte for POTS
Woman with cramps holding her abdomen with a caption that reads How POTS affects your GI Tract and with the NormaLyte logo at the bottom of the image.  | NormaLyte ORS electrolyte for POTS

You have a love/hate relationship with eating.  Not because you don’t like to eat - you LOVE to eat!  It’s because you have a gastrointestinal tract that simply doesn’t work the way it should.   If you suspect it’s because you have postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, or POTS, then you might be onto something.  

POTS is always throwing curveballs into your life. You’re used to this by now, but there may be some curveballs you’re not as aware of.  Let’s look at one of the more common symptoms of POTS; gastrointestinal upset.  Here’s some of the symptoms that you may experience.

  • Bloating
  • Feeling too full
  • Acid reflux
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

It’s reported that up to 69% of POTS patients experience gastro symptoms.  These symptoms can cause malabsorption of food which will lead to weight loss. We know that hormonal secretions in the gut may be at fault in addition to low blood flow to the gastrointestinal tract.  More studies will need to be done to fully understand the reasons why this happens.


Rapid motility is what it sounds like, essentially diarrhea.  It is the motility of your gastrointestinal tract that acts too quickly, sometimes called gastric dumping.  It involves the entire gastro system from the moment you take your first bite through to, well, the end.  If you’re experiencing rapid motility, oral rehydration salts like NormaLyte are clinically proven to manage the symptoms of dehydration.  Grab a free sample here and see if it 


The opposite of rapid motility, delayed motility means constipation.  A slowing down of your gastrointestinal tract that can leave you feeling bloated and far too full.

NormaLyte is clinically proven to manage symptoms of dehydration


If you have h-EDS (hyper mobile ehlers danlos syndrome) or neuropathic POTS (POTS with damage to small fiber nerves) you may be more prone to experience motility issues in your gastrointestinal tract.  In EDS, it’s possible that structural abnormalities can lead to an increase in these symptoms.

MCAS, or mast cell activation syndrome, is another comorbidity of POTS that can be affected by gastrointestinal symptoms.  Mast cells are a type of white blood cell within the body that are important to how the body responds to immune system events such as bacteria and parasites.  With MCAS those cells overreact more than a preteen at their first school dance causing havoc on your system, including your gastrointestinal tract.


NormaLyte PURE Reviews | NormaLyte ORS Electrolyte for POTS

There are numerous ways to manage these common POTS symptoms.  First and foremost, be upfront with your doctor.  Do not be ashamed to tell them about what you’re experiencing.  After all they’ve heard it all, and they are there to help.

Keep in mind that there are no current studies discussing exactly how physician’s should treat gastrointestinal upset in patients with POTS, but there are some suggestions within this particular study.  Some of those suggestions include: dietary modifications, medications, and surgical treatments.

In situations where you have diarrhea, be sure you are getting a medical grade electrolyte in your system.  NormaLyte uses the World Health Organization's perfect new formula that has been clinically proven to manage symptoms of dehydration more rapidly and effectively than drinking water alone.  Grab a free sample here.


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    Leatha, if you’re looking for a specialist we would recommend looking at Dysautonomai International’s doctors resource page:

  • Leatha Dickerson

    my son, 29 years old, has POTS from post concussion syndrome. He has the continual bloating, constipation and diarrhea. His POTS Dr and gastro Dr have been no help in treating the gastro issues. Are you aware of a gastro specialist in Richmond VA area he can work with to get relief? Thanks so much. Leatha Dickerson

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