PROJECT POTS - Episode 1: Meet Valerie, Our NormaLyte Ambassador!

PROJECT POTS - Episode 1: Meet Valerie, Our NormaLyte Ambassador!

project pots with NormaLyte


Meet Valerie, Our NormaLyte Ambassador!

Hello, NormaLyte community!

My name is Valerie Crafts and I am so excited to embark on this journey with NormaLyte. I could not be prouder to partner with a company that truly puts their patient's best interests at heart.

A little bit about me - I am 18 - soon to be 19 in August and I'm a college student at Vanderbilt University. I'll be a sophomore starting in the fall. I am super passionate about medical advocacy and I'm studying two majors at Vanderbilt - Psychology and Medicine Health in Society. I'm hoping that the combination of these two degrees will allow me to do something to improve the lives of patients like me and you.

I was diagnosed with POTS when I was 15 years old and I have an additional set of invisible and chronic illnesses. I'm hoping that my story shows you that while we may have physical limitations it does not have to stop us from following our dreams.

My college experience may be different than some of my friends but I am still achieving the same goal. I look forward to getting to know all of you and I'm so excited to see where this project goes.

I'm sending love and spoons to all of you.

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Download Valeries FREE e-Book:  A College Girl's Life Experiences with POTS

College girls guide to POTS Free E-book

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