Craving Relief: The Ultimate POTS Snack Handbook

CRAVING RELIEF: The Ultimate POTS Snack Handbook | NormaLyte ORS Electrolyte and Salt Capsules for people with POTS and Dysautonomia
CRAVING RELIEF: The Ultimate POTS Snack Handbook | NormaLyte ORS Electrolyte and Salt Capsules for people with POTS and Dysautonomia

Snacks are life.  Let's face it, meals are good, but snacks are what we actually want to eat.  Charcuterie boards are living proof!  They're basically adult versions of those lunch snack packs the 90s kids took everyday.  No wonder we're obsessed with snacks!

If you have POTS, snacks can sometimes be life saving!  Okay, maybe not that dramatic as to save your life, but it can help manage your symptoms of POTS if you're getting in the salty goodness.  We polled people; what's the best outside of the box snack for people with POTS?

Snack Ideas for POTS

Here's the basic snacks that I gave my fellow POTSies and asked them to build upon.  I love spicy foods!  However, I know that not everyone does so you can adjust as needed.  Also, keep in mind this isn't meant to be healthy.  These are just my go to!  If you're looking for new snack ideas, I've got you covered

  • Pickles (obviously), but I like the hot ones

  • Jalapeno kettle chips

  • Pistachios

  • Pretzel Chips - I like the garlic ones

  • Dots Honey Mustard Seasoned Twists

  • Pace Chunky Salsa and the guacamole seasoned chips

  • Port wine cheese with the Everything Seasoned Pita thins from Walmart

  • Beef jerky, I love the teriyaki seasoned

My friends definitely came through!  Here's some additional ideas:

Not a snack, but my current lunch is a couple of GF Breton crackers, lactose free cheese and a 5 type mix of Italian deli meats. The meat and cheese are both Costco.

Shelled, roasted and salted pistachios. Spicy Dill Pickle almonds. Popcorn was huge for me, but sadly it no longer appeals. Pickles and pickle juice.

Popcorn!  It's always a fan favorite, but I can see where you would get burnt out quick.  If you fall into that category, don't lose hope!  Another friend had a fix.

Popcorn (pro tip, if you're making your own, and have a trader joes near you, pick up some of their seasoning mixes for toppings. I'm obsessed with their cheddar cheese and elote seasonings)

Roasted edamame. Or Edamame with soy sauce in general

Edamame isn't for everyone either, but it is a low calorie snack that has some great health benefits.

Need something savory?  How about a cup of chicken broth!  Or, ramon with added buillion cubes and all the fixings.  Okay, that's more of a meal than a snack...Here's a few other honorable mentions:

  • Avocado with sea salt
  • Hard boiled eggs with added salt
  • Salted  prosciutto wrapped pickles
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Harvest Pea Snap crisps
  • Seaweed crisps
  • Goldfish
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What about gluten free snacks for POTS?

We know that some people with POTS also have a gluten intolerance.  Not to be mistaken as Celiac Disease, but an intolerance is sort of like Celiac's cousin.  You can read more about the connection between gluten and POTS here.  So, if you fall into that category this bit of advice is wise.

I’m gluten free so some of the options like pita thins and pretzels are a bit harder for me since the gluten free versions are so expensive and limited. I’m definitely going to be eating more edamame as I love it. I tend to currently just rely on nuts like pistachios and tortilla chips with a dip like spinach artichoke dip.

It's important to note that all fruits and vegetables are gluten free unless they are mixed with something else.  With that in mind, these snack ideas are stellar:

  • Salted cucumbers
  • Melon or mango with salt added
  • Apples with salt
  • Olives (just check the packaging!)

Snack With a Drink

Sometimes we overthink things.  Other times we just have too much brain fog to really get the details right.  No matter what, a good drink by your side will help too. 

NormaLyte ORS Sticks have been clinically proven to help manage symptoms of POTS.  That's not something the other brands can say.  We have free samples available too!  Give it a try and see the difference it can make in your life.


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    Very well explained! I have learned many great things from your articles. I have been checking out all of your blogs as well, thanks for sharing this.

  • Cheryl

    FYI it’s “Celiac” Disease, not “Celiac’s”. The second time saying ‘Celiac’s cousin’ works, but the name of the disease itself does not have an ‘apostrophe s’ at the end (you also accidentally wrote potises instead of POTSies or potsies). Just wanted to bring it to your attention in case any newbies or people with brain fog read those and got confused. We’ve all been there haha

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