Why is there sugar in NormaLyte?

Why is there sugar in NormaLyte | Normalyte ORS oral rehydration Salt Electrolyte Powder

Why is there sugar in NormaLyte?

Why is there sugar in NormaLyte | Normalyte ORS oral rehydration Salt Electrolyte Powder

It’s a question we get asked often.  Do you have a sugar free option?  Or maybe one with less sugar?  Maybe you’re watching your calorie intake or dietary restrictions that cause you to consume a certain amount of carbohydrates in a day.  Let’s talk about how NormaLyte works.  

Rehydration Recipe

We don’t have some fancy trademarked name for our rehydration system.  We use what is called by the medical community as the “cotransport” system.  It’s the way that our bodies absorb nutrients inside our gut.

Our bodies need a specific recipe for rehydration.  It’s a science, in fact, that was outlined by the World Health Organization who discovered the most optimal way to rehydrate orally.  That recipe includes the following ingredients: sodium chloride, glucose, potassium, and citrate.

The amount of ingredients matters.  Glucose facilitates the absorption of sodium (and hence water!).  It takes a 1:1 ratio to work.  One molecule of glucose to one molecule of sodium go together in your small intestine to hydrate you through the cotransport system.  

Relying on Diet Alone Isn’t Efficient

We often get asked: can’t I rely on the glucose from food I’ve already eaten?  The short answer is, not really.  

You may have some leftover glucose or sodium from your lunch, but relying on what you’ve eaten can’t be effective.  Everything gets broken down in our bodies at a different rate.  NormaLyte uses a simple sugar that is easily digestible thus making absorption rapid and almost instantaneous.  Relying on what you’ve already eaten means you’re going to be waiting a lot longer to feel the effects of oral rehydration.  It’s for that reason NormaLyte uses the World Health Organization's perfect formula for oral rehydration.

While we are chatting about diet, let's also talk about sports drinks quickly.  Sports drinks are not oral rehydration solutions (or ORS).  They are a great resource if you’re working out or sweating moderately, but when you need real rehydration because of illness, exposure to high temperatures, excessive sweating, or more then you need to find yourself an ORS that will hydrate you more effectively than a sports drink.

Have You Tried NormaLyte?

If you’re still concerned about the amount of sugar is NormaLyte, know that it contains approximately 6.6g of carbohydrates.  

Here’s the thing that I will attest to til the end of time: NormaLyte works.  Not only is that my personal experience, but it’s also been clinically proven!  We were used in a study that tested the symptoms of people with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (or POTS) and it was found to be effective at managing the symptoms of POTS.  You can read the entire study here.

With bulk discounts and subscription discounts, NormaLyte is more cost effective at hydrating you too.  Try it for yourself today!

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