NormaLyte Grape (1 Box / 6 Stick Packs)  FSA/HSA Eligible Item
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NormaLyte Grape (1 Box / 6 Stick Packs) FSA/HSA Eligible Item

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NormaLyte Grape quickly RESTORES hydration levels to normal by replenishing the ELECTROLYTES and FLUIDS lost due to diarrhea, vomiting, chronic illness and excessive sweating because of heat or exercising. NormaLyte is based on the World Health Organization's (WHO) new, recommended formula, which has been adopted by healthcare professionals world-wide as the standard of care for mild to moderate dehydration. NormaLyte has been created by real practicing PHARMACISTS and developed into a GREAT-TASTING hydration drink. NormaLyte is hypo-osmolar and efficiently utilizes the Sodium/Glucose Co-transport mechanism to QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY bring the body back to normal conditions.

  • For QUICK and EFFECTIVE recovery from dehydration caused by diarrhea, vomiting, chronic illness and excessive sweating.
  • SAFETY: NO Preservatives, NO Colors or Dyes, Better pH profile.
  • EFFICACY: The right amount of sugar makes NormaLyte hypo-osmolar, which helps the body to retain fluids. WHO recommended concentration of ingredients facilitate MAXIMUM and RAPID absorption of electrolytes.
  • SUPERIORITY: Only 1/2 the amount of sugar and almost 2X the amount of electrolytes when compared to popular pediatric electrolyte drinks.
  • CONVENIENCE: Easy to carry and easy to mix. Just add one packet of NormaLyte to 500mL (16.9 OZ) of water.
  • HSA/FSA Eligible Item:  HSA/FSA cards can be used to purchase NormaLyte.

Available for purchase in the US and some countries outside of the US. NormaLyte is available for purchase in Canada on Amazon.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Che S. (Concord, California)
Can’t function without it.

I am now dependent on Normalyte to function. I have POTS which makes it hard to stay hydrated. Normalyte actually works better than medication at controlling symptoms and giving me more energy. I recommend it to everyone.

Leah Markum (Fayetteville, Arkansas)
Perfect for dysautonomia

My chronic medical condition requires me to intake far more electrolytes everyday than a healthy person, and I certainly don't want all the sugar with other so-called electrolyte drinks. I also like the gentle flavoring. It's like Pedialyte grape, but without aftertaste and I can store it as a powder instead of a big container.

Woman with POTS sitting on a lake dock wearing a turquoise hat and drinking NormaLyte

Finding your normal

Made For People With POTS

Isn't it time you found a normal again? NormaLyte was made for you. The person with POTS who just wants to get back to normal.

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Don't take our word for it


Lifesaver for POTS/ Dysautonomia

These can help me avoid IV fluids at times with severe POTS I'm so glad I found them. And the customer service is wonderful they really seem to care about each person. It doesn't seem like a business, but friends. I can't say enough how helpful this product is for people with Dysautonomia.

NormaLyte Review for POTS

Parrish, FL


The Best

This is easily the best oral rehydration packet I've tried for my POTS/nOH, especially when the GI symptoms are flaring. It's an absolute necessity for me to keep this around, otherwise I'd be getting IV hydration much more often. Like many dysautonomia patients, I have a handful of other issues that make my digestive system extra picky, and this ingredient list works well for me, I keep coming back to it. Sometimes I might have 1-2 packets per day, other times less frequently, but I never want to run out. I actually kind of like the taste, and find it soothing.

NormaLyte review from Donna

Newmarket, NH


Fast Service for Quality Product

The high quality NormaLyte with fast free delivery (with sizable order). Worth stocking up. The individual packets are easy to carry for mixing away from home, just add to your water bottle.

NormaLyte Review - Edwin

Emerald Isle, NC