Coconut Water vs. ORS

Coconut Water VS ORS | NormaLyte ORS Oral Rehydration Salt Electrolyte Powder

Coconut Water vs. ORS

Coconut Water VS ORS | Normalyte Oral Rehydration Salt ORS Electrolyte PowderWhat’s all the hype with coconut water?  A few years ago it felt like all the shelves were being lined with brands that promoted the healing effects of coconut water.  Today some brands still remain while others slipped out of existence.  People were going crazy over the benefits of coconut water.  And, rightfully so, it seems.  Coconut water has a lot of great health benefits.

Coconut water is the clear fluid of a young green coconut when you cut it open.  It differs from coconut milk which is a blend of coconut water and grated coconut.  It’s naturally refreshing, delicious, and boasts a slight nutty flavor.  Not only that, coconut water naturally contains electrolytes, potassium, and glucose.  Some of the building blocks of oral rehydration.

Coconut Water vs. Sports Drinks

Some athletes will use coconut water to replace various popular sports drinks.  This is because pure unpasteurized coconut water is rich in electrolytes such as; potassium and sodium.  Those minerals are also found in sports drinks, and many people swear that coconut water works better than, say, Gatorade.  The fatty acids in the water can also help athletes with continued endurance.

WebMD suggests that if you’re a casual exerciser, coconut water may not be for you.  Or, if you’re someone who is watching how many calories you’re consuming you also may want to steer clear of this trendy drink.  It contains more calories than most sports drinks; 45-60 calories in every 8oz glass.

The Mayo Clinic weighs in on the coconut water debate saying, “Some evidence suggests that coconut water is comparable to sports drinks. But it's no more hydrating than plain water.”

Electrolyte in Coconut Water vs. ORS Electrolyte Powders

Electrolyte powders are often much more effective in providing electrolytes than sports drinks alone.  If we didn’t convince you above that coconut water may not be the best way to replace electrolytes, let’s go over some of the stats below.  Keep in mind that all coconut water drinks vary slightly.  We used stats from Healthline.

Coconut Water Stats (8oz serving):

Calories: 60

Carbs: 15g

Potassium: 705mg

Sodium: 252mg

NormaLyte ORS Stats:

Calories: 27

Carbs: 6.6g

Potassium: 393mg

Sodium: 862mg

Is Coconut Water Good for People With Dysautonomia?

People with forms of dysautonomia like POTS, EDS, or MALS may have considered drinking coconut water as a way to replace electrolytes.  People who have these conditions will find it is essential for them to manage symptoms with additional electrolytes and salt intake.  With the popularity and availability of coconut water over the last few years, it’s easy to see why someone with these forms of chronic illness may consider it.

But, be aware.  Coconut water is not a good substitute for an ORS, or Oral Rehydration Salt such as NormaLyte.  

It’s more expensive.  Even the Walmart brand coconut water comes in at around $1.56 per serving when purchased in bulk.  NormaLyte can be as low as $0.96 a stick when purchased in bulk.

It doesn’t contain enough sodium.  252mg in coconut water vs 862mg in NormaLyte’s PURE.  You would have to drink almost 4 servings of coconut water to get an equivalent amount from NormaLyte.

It’s high in calories.  Like so many other sports drinks, coconut water is high in calories.  Which may be okay for some, but for people with dysautonomia who are drinking several throughout the day will find that the added calories can add up quickly.

Overall, we do not recommend coconut water to patients with dysautonomia.  It cannot properly rehydrate in the same way an ORS will.  Insufficient hydration can lead to symptom severity.

NormaLyte ORS Oral Rehydration Salt Electrolyte Powder

If you have found you need more electrolytes and hydration, consider NormaLyte.  The PURE was created specifically for patients with dysautonomia, but it’s great for athletes and people with acute illnesses too.  You’ll find our oral rehydration sticks will keep you hydrated and feeling more like yourself in no time.

Check out our free samples of NormaLyte and see the difference for yourself firsthand.

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