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Did COVID19 Cause My POTS?
Did COVID19 Cause My POTS? More and more people question if their viral illness triggered their dysautonomia.  In particular, people who have recovered from COVID19 (either the full virus or the vaccination) are asking if it could have triggered the...
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How Does NormaLyte Compare
How Does NormaLyte Compare NormaLyte is a go to electrolyte replacement drink for many people, but we know there's competition out there for what works best to effectively replace lost electrolytes. How Does NormaLyte Compare to Other Electrolyte Drinks? With...
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Image shows a wooden hand carved spoon.  Text reads "I'm a Salty Spoonie".  NormaLyte Oral Rehydrations Solution with electrolytes
That’s what it’s like living with chronic illnesses.  Not enough spoons to do all the things, having to constantly make choices about how to spend your spoons, and always having spoons in your hand reminding you that you are, indeed, a Spoonie.  Miserandino says, “When other people can simply do things, I have to attack it and make a plan like I am strategizing a war.”
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Image of a pumpkin sitting in the grass with a dried leaf.  The caption reads "What is the October slide?"


Well, it’s not a dance craze, I can tell you that.  

Every year when temperatures begin to dip I can feel my symptoms going from okay to meh and it only seems to worsen as the month goes on.  The October Slide isn’t an official condition, of course.  It refers to...

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