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Young woman holding her face inside a bathroom with a shower curtain behind her.  Caption reads "Is it anxiety or pots?" Features the normalyte logo
Is it POTS or anxiety? Over and over we are hearing that patients with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) are often misdiagnosed with anxiety disorders.  Sometimes it takes years for a diagnosis to come which can be frustrating and exhausting. ...
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Are all electrolyte drinks created equal? NormaLyte is a high quality oral rehydration salt drink solution made for people with pots
Are all electrolyte drinks created equal? No, not even a little. Maybe you have a chronic illness such as POTS, or maybe your child has been sick with a stomach virus like rotavirus.  The way to manage symptoms is a high quality...
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Did COVID19 Cause My POTS?
Did COVID19 Cause My POTS? More and more people question if their viral illness triggered their dysautonomia.  In particular, people who have recovered from COVID19 (either the full virus or the vaccination) are asking if it could have triggered the...
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