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A person salting a basket of french fries with a milkshake in the background. A caption reads "How much sodium manages POTS" with the NormaLyte logo at the top.
If you’ve been diagnosed with POTS, a form of dysautonomia, then you’re asking yourself how much salt you should be taking to manage your symptoms.  Before we jump into that, let’s talk about salt.   For me, late night cravings can...
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Woman sitting in bed with a laptop, hand on her chin and smiling at the camera.  Caption reads "Workplace Accommodations for people with POTS" and the NormaLyte logo is at the bottom.
Workplace Accommodations for People with POTS Job accommodations are a necessary part of life when you have a chronic illness.  That is, if you’re able to work.  Some can’t.  Let’s chat about what accommodations are, who qualifies, and then talk...
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Headline reads POTS and MCAS with the NormaLyte logo at the bottom. Image is a white woman with blond hair in a tank top with an allergic reaction rash on her back
POTS and MCAS Let’s dive into the connection between POTS and MCAS.  POTS, or postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, is a condition that affects heart rate and how blood pools in your body along with a myriad of other symptoms.  A...
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