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Woman with dark hair wearing a disposable face mask.  The caption reads Long Covid or POTS postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome with the NormaLyte logo at the bottom
Let’s talk about long covid a minute. I know.  You’re ready to move past the topic of COVID19.  Believe me, I am too.  The fact remains that COVID is still causing a ruckus.   There have been reports of an increased number...
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Woman with cramps holding her abdomen with a caption that reads How POTS affects your GI Tract and with the NormaLyte logo at the bottom of the image.  | NormaLyte ORS electrolyte for POTS
You have a love/hate relationship with eating.  Not because you don’t like to eat - you LOVE to eat!  It’s because you have a gastrointestinal tract that simply doesn’t work the way it should.   If you suspect it’s because...
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Things That Cause POTS Flares, or postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.  Woman ascending stairs with a crossbody purse on.  The NormaLyte caption is overhead.
Chronic illness flares are inevitable.  There’s times where you know you’ll have a bad day simply because you overdid it the previous day.  Usually it’s the day after an outing of some kind: a family get together, a holiday, meeting...
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